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Patio Covers Gresham
Just because the rainy season lasts longer than other areas, doesn’t mean you should be trapped indoors. Hot summers can force you inside just as quickly, but there’s an easy answer—a new patio cover. With patio covers, Gresham residents can enjoy the outdoors anytime. Getting a custom built patio cover from Straight Line Exteriors is the easiest way to give you cover from the elements for all-season enjoyment.

Your custom patio covers in Gresham!

We can install a variety of patio covers to match your style, sensibilities, and maintenance needs. Our design experts are happy to explain all your options in full. This allows you to weight the pros and cons, settling on the perfect cover style. A Northwest favorite is our gorgeous and custom constructed lattice work porch covers. These provide variable shade and can include UV protected deck covers to keep you protected. Our skilled carpenters and installation technicians can also build:

  • Vinyl Patio Covers
  • Aluminum Patio Covers
  • Wood Patio Covers
  • Metal Patio Covers
  • Retractable Patio Covers
  • Louvered Patio Covers

From planting a backyard garden to entertaining friends and family, everyone enjoys the outdoors in their own way. The right patio cover can set the perfect mood. We can build it as an open or closed structure. Shading can be permanent or variable. No matter what you want it to do, we’ll create the perfect Gresham patio cover for your needs.

Patio Covering Benefits

Patio Covers Gresham OR

  • Extended Living Space – Patio covers in Gresham truly provide you with more. They naturally extend your living space, opening up more of your property. We can also install decking as well to create a cohesive and long lasting home addition. These provide a great return on your investment while improving your quality of life.
  • Add Home Value – The appeal of a patio covering is universal. In the Northwest they are even more desirable because of our extreme seasons. Whether you’re planning on selling your property, renting it out, or keeping it forever, our patios are designed for you and add value to your home.
  • Sun Control – Several of our options are ideal for variable weather. Patio covers Gresham residents can enjoy don’t have to limit use. With retractable and shaded latticework covers you control the sunshine. Want more light? It’s as easy as a button push or lever pull.
  • Aluminum Patio Cover Protection – We also offer aluminum patio covers in Gresham. This incredibly durable option doesn’t rust, crack or fade. It’s also environmentally friendly and made of 100% recycled materials. With extreme fire resistance they may not be beautiful, but they’re affordable and long lasting.

Take back control of the outdoors with the patio covers Gresham prefers. Call (503) 406-8583 or contact us today.

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