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Construction Defect Repair

Construction Defect Repair Vancouver, WA


Straight Line Exteriors is proud to be the foremost expert in construction defect (CD) repair and remediation in Vancouver, WA. We have decades of experience evaluating homes, apartments, and condominiums for defects in design, materials, and workmanship.


Construction defects can reduce the value of the property, and can pose serious risks to the occupant. It is incredibly important to accurately provide a comprehensive list of repairs needed to remediate all issues, and to create a safely restored and habitable space for the occupant. Construction defects could be avoided with builders focused on quality materials, detailed flashings, workmanship, and protecting homeowners from water intrusion, moisture intrusion, and building homes and structures correctly. With the amount of rainfall that Vancouver, WA gets on an annual basis, some of these issues could be devastating to a new homeowner.


We work with our Vancouver clients to expertly identify all issues, and provide a recommended course of action to correct the defect(s), whilst remaining conscious of time and expense. We’re here to make the construction defect repair process as simple and painless as possible. We use nothing but the highest quality, long-lasting materials, and care deeply about our impact on the environment.


Home building is on the rise again! This creates pressure on the builder and all associated contractors to complete the project “on time or early, and under budget”. Inevitably, with this as a priority, some builders/contractors will use low-quality materials, overlook building codes, and cut corners wherever possible.


What are construction defects?


In general, a construction defect is a fault/flaw in the construction or design of a building (or any structure) which reduces the value of the building, and is a result of the builder/contractor failing to design or construct with the proper workmanship, or the failure to design or construct in accordance with the buyer’s reasonable expectation.


What types of defects can there be?


This can be a long, seemingly unending list. But a few examples are:

  • Water seepage into the building in any unintended area. Example: through windows, trim, roofs, sliding exterior doors, siding, and stucco/EIFS.
  • Faulty drainage
  • Termite/insect infestation
  • Poor-quality insulation installation/materials
  • Improper or faulty electical wiring
  • Improper or faulty plumbing and other mechanical elements
  • Visible signs of rot or mold
  • Caulking gaps/cracks, areas where caulking was missed altogether
  • Siding warping, cracking, shrinking, and expanding (at the joints usually)


These are just a few of the MANY defects we commonly come across.


Does Straight Line Exteriors work with law firms and architectural firms?

Yes! We work with legal and architectural firms in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR, and bring comprehensive industry knowledge and experience to the table. We are familiar with most local builders and their building practices, which is of great importance when evaluating a building for defects (starting with the most common areas specific to the builder).


Do you charge for bids? What’s included in your construction defect repair bid?

We offer 100% free quotes, and will provide a comprehensive scope of work for all repairs. Our streamlined scope and bidding process will save you time, money, and stress! For construction defect we understand there may be more than one issue which is why we follow a proprietary 10 step process to make sure we uncover all defects associated with the problem to ensure a proper fix and long term solution to meet your needs


Do you have references?

We can provide multiple construction defect references, as well as a few generalized project summaries for your review.