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EIFS Removal Services

EIFS Removal Services Vancouver, WA


What is EIFS?


Exterior Insulation Finish Systems, or EIFS, is also commonly referred to as synthetic stucco, Dryvit, styrofoam stucco, and direct-applied finish system (DAFS). It refers to a multi-layered exterior finish. It also might be incorrectly referred to as real or traditional stucco. EIFS can often be deceptive because it can look great from the outside, but water is often trapped behind the product rotting the sheeting and even studs underneath. A visual check by Straight Line Exteriors can aid in determining if there is damage beneath your EIFS as well as an infrared scan of the siding which will give the best results.


While traditional stucco is thicker, EIFS is a fairly thin surface finish applied to a foam insulation board that is secured to a sheathing material such as plywood. It became popular in North America in the 1980s and was used on the exterior of homes to achieve an attractive and durable stucco look – but many homeowners in recent years have discovered that EIFS isn’t the durable exterior finish that they thought it was. Many have turned to professional EIFS removal contractors to replace their compromised exteriors with durable alternatives.


What’s wrong with EIFS?


Where EIFS fails is its tendency to trap moisture between the foam insulation layer and the wood sheathing. Water trapped here is unable to evaporate and begins to penetrate the wood. This leads to dry rot and toxic mold formations behind the EIFS system. Once this process has started, warping of the materials will cause additional cracks to form, allowing even more moisture penetration. Issues are most common where EIFS treatments meet another finish or border, such as wood trim, roof flashings, windows and doors.


Signs of a compromised EIFS system include:

EIFS Removal Services Vancouver, WA


  • Discoloration
  • Cracks
  • Warping
  • Damaged or missing flashings
  • Caulked joints


If you see any of these please contact us right away for an inspection.


Do I have a compromised EIFS installation on my home?


Contact us today if you suspect your home has EIFS installed. Our experts will come inspect your home to confirm that it is installed, and provide you with a bid to replace it with a guaranteed, high-quality siding. You can have a Straight Line Exteriors representative come out and give a free inspection to see if your EIFS siding has failed.