Extending Your Outdoor Living Space with a Patio Cover

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Add a Patio Cover to Improve Your Outdoor Experience

Imagine this: it’s a lovely spring day out. You have your friends and family out for the first backyard barbecue of the year. Then it happens. First one drop, then three, then a sudden downpour. Everyone outside is completely soaked, and your food is ruined. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Keep reading to find out how a patio cover from Straightline Exteriors can help you avoid this problem in the future.

Problem-solving with patio covers

So what is a patio cover, exactly? Simply put, it’s a way to turn your patio into a porch. This cover goes over your back patio and provides shelter from the rain and sun. Patio covers vary wildly in appearance and quality. A lot of this has to do with the material that you use for construction. While the frames tend to be made from the same materials, the roofs are usually different.

  • Metal: Metal roofs don’t allow any rain or sunshine to come through. This makes them useful for both night and day. They’re very strong and can hold up to the elements. Just make sure that you go with aluminum or get a specialized coating to protect the roof from rust.
  • Vinyl: Lighter than metal, vinyl is an easy material to work with. You can get it in translucent colors, which allows in some light while still offering a measure of UV protection. Vinyl tends to be a little weaker than the other materials.
  • Wood: Wood is a tough material that’s easy to work with. Just be careful, as it is vulnerable to water damage and rot. Applying sealer at appropriate intervals is often enough to extend the life of the patio cover. Wood material is easy to paint, so you can change the color from time to time.

Other benefits of patio covers

Are you trying to sell your home? Adding a patio cover makes it more attractive to potential buyers because they know they’ll have a place to entertain in the back yard. There are some reasons that you should see a professional about this sort of job:

  • Quality: Potential buyers are likely to ask who did your patio cover. Being able to tell them that you brought on a reputable contractor can mean the difference between a sale and amiss.
  • Safety: Contractors are up to date on all permits, zoning and safety regulations. When you get a patio cover installed by the pros you can rest easy knowing that it’s safe to be under.
  • Design Help: So you want a patio cover, but you’re not sure of what style you like. What do you do? The best patio cover contractors have designers on their team who can recommend the most popular trends or help you come up with something unique.


Straightline Exteriors for your patio cover jobs

Straightline Exteriors is the shop to call when you want a new patio cover. We’ve been doing this for decades. It doesn’t matter if your porch is a non-standard size; we can make the shelter to your custom specifications. We work with all major materials, and can even do specialty covers, such as louvered wood for growing vines.

All you need to do is call us or fill out the contact form on this site. After that, we get back to you right away to schedule a free and convenient consultation. We explain our terms in a clear and honest manner. Once we have the contract signed up, our team of laborers gets on the case. Don’t let your opportunity for weather protection pass by. Call us right now to get the job started today.



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