Hiring a Professional to Install a Patio Cover

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Patio Covers

What a new patio can provide

Building a patio cover for your home offers many benefits.  Not only does it extend living space, but it protects your outdoor living spaces from weather elements- particularly sunlight.  Patio covers also add cub appeal, extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors, and they increase the value of your home.  There are a variety of different types of patio covers and shade structures and multiple applications for their use.

Permanent Patio Structures

This exceptional shading option offers complete shade and weather protection for your outdoor space. However, that’s not the only thing that makes it stand out. They also offer:

Sun Control

They are designed to provide shade from the harsh sunlight, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoors without the uncomfortable heat while providing added protection to your outdoor furniture, as well.

Water Damage Protection

Patio covers offer protection to your patio and home-keeping your patio and entry areas dry.

Extended Square Footage

A solid patio cover extends the living area of your home, while creating a more seamless connection between your interiors and the outdoors.

Improved Outdoor Living

The best patio covers offer a good spot for both fun activities and relaxation–and a solid shade structure further improves the time you spend there. It helps keep the space cooler and more comfortable, while still allowing plenty of light for any outdoor activity.

Curb Appeal

Patio Cover Installation There are different types of patio covers, so choose the design that adds better visual impact to your outdoor space. The improved comfort, beauty, and sun protection a patio cover can provide makes it easy for you to increase your home’s value.


Choosing the Best Patio Cover Material

How well your patio cover performs and how long it will last depend on your choice of material. Common materials include:

  1. Vinyl. Lightweight and cost-effective, vinyl patio covers are practical for homeowners on a budget. They are relatively maintenance-free, as well.
  2. Wood. There’s nothing quite like wood when it comes to providing a timeless and natural look to your patio cover. It is durable and is available in a wide variety of types, colors and finishes.
  3. Aluminum. This material is a champion in durability, ensuring superb protection from the sun and other elements, requiring little to almost no maintenance, eliminating the possibility of warping, cracking or rotting.


Why Hire a Professional Contractor?

Patio covers, no matter how beautiful or sturdy, will require a professional to install them. Proper installation is necessary to deliver the protection and long-lasting performance you expect.

If you were considering taking the DIY route for this project, you’ll find it best to reconsider.

  1. Installation must be precise. Being handy with tools and having pure determination certainly are admirable, but this home improvement project may prove difficult to the untrained homeowner. Hiring a contractor ensures all the bases are covered. They’re familiar with the structural and design aspects of your patio cover, so they should have no trouble installing it to exact specifications.
  2. Proper tools and equipment. The average homeowner likely has a few tools laying around the house for minor upkeep and home improvement projects, however, it is not likely one has the specialty tools needed for a project such as this. Purchasing tools leads higher costs. Again, you no longer worry about this when you work with a pro. They have all the right tools and equipment to install your patio cover. Because they also know to use them properly, there’s no potential for mistakes and unnecessary damage to your home.
  3. Installation mistakes can be costly and time-consuming. You’ll want to be honest about your time, money, and skill set if you’re looking to try DIY work. It’s very easy for the untrained homeowner to make mistakes, which may prove expensive to fix. Hiring a professional installer, ensures the work is done properly and offers a guarantee should something need to be repaired due to faulty installation or material flaws. They eliminate the potential for mistakes and ensure the work is done in a timely and efficient manner.
  4. Safety First. You want a lovely and functional patio cover, but you’ll also want it to remain sturdy and safe when spending time under it. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to hire a contractor. They know local codes and regulations like the back of their hands, so you can rest easy knowing your new patio cover is installed to safety specifications.




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