Ten Warm Weather Activities You Can Enjoy Outside with the Right Patio Cover

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Ten Warm Weather Activities You Can Enjoy Outside with the Right Patio Cover

When the snow caps begin to melt off Mt. Hood and Mt. St Helens and the rainy season ends, inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest long to combat the woes of cabin fever by enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can prove to be fickle and our well-planned leisure activities can be interrupted by wind, rain and even unprecedented heat. What if you could combat the unpredictable tendencies of the weather by installing a residential or commercial patio cover? Patio covers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and can be used in a multitude of different settings to offer protection from the outdoor elements.

Let’s explore 10 popular outdoor activities where the right patio cover can provide adequate shelter and extend your outdoor leisure pursuits, all summer long!

Backyard Barbecues

Nothing says summer like a backyard barbecue where friends and family gather to feast on our favorite American foods, fresh off the grill. Outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular trend and with the perfect patio cover, you are sure to have one of the most popular back yards in the neighborhood! Depending upon your available space, location of your patio and the number of people you typically entertain, there are a variety of options for patio covers to consider. Retractable, louvered, vinyl, wood and aluminum patio covers offer options for both shelter and UV protection.


Perhaps you have the gift of a prolific green thumb or you simply enjoy planting a few herbs or potted flowers in the backyard, some wonderful choices for patio covers include permanent lattice, a pergola or a retractable cover. These options allow for optimal control of sun and shade for your plants while providing a perfect shelter for you to enjoy the beauty of your back yard over a cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of lemonade mid-afternoon or simply reading a book on a lazy summer afternoon.

Pool Side Gatherings

Whether you have a property with an in-ground or portable back yard pool, a patio cover is a must for the pool deck when hosting a pool party or simply taking a dip to cool off during the next heat wave. A pool side patio cover can offer shelter from damaging UV rays, as well as, a shady spot to sip on your favorite drink while drying off. Louvered, wood and retractable patio covers offer a variety of options to achieve optimal UV and temperature control for your pool side activities.

Lawn Games

Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon or evening of ladder ball, croquet, bocce ball, frisbee, corn hole or volleyball in the summer? On the same token, no one enjoys the inevitable sunburn, bug bites or rain-drenched clothing after a sudden cloud burst. Patio covers not only offer a perfect observation deck between rounds of heated competition, but they also provide a place of shelter when the elements of nature attempt to squash our fun. Permanent and semi-permanent patio cover options can provide the perfect amount of shelter for all your backyard fun and games.


There is something romantic and rustic about a bonfire. It brings back memories of yesteryear when we were young, wild and free. There is a certain element of relaxation and ambiance that only a fire can provide. While city code and fire restrictions may limit your ability to have an open fire pit where you live, manufacturers of gas and tabletop fire pits have made it possible for many to enjoy the benefits of a backyard fire year-round. Patio covers can provide not only shelter from wind and rain but create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for all your evening backyard pursuits.

Birthday Parties

Whether you’re a parent of a 6-year-old or about to celebrate a milestone birthday, the observance of one’s birth is a timeless tradition and one that is readily enjoyed outdoors, well until weather rains on your parade. An outdoor patio cover can not only provide a place to gather, converse and enjoy the company of others, but it can provide shelter to ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch. Whether you choose a wood covering, aluminum or a louvered patio cover, you are sure to be the hero when the elements attempt to interrupt your carefully planned event.

Weddings/Family Reunions

Celebrations of life events and family gatherings are often planned for summer months during a time when we hope the weather will cooperate and groups of family and friends can gather together to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful outdoors. Whether you are planning a small outdoor gathering of friends and family to exchange vows or a much larger soiree of extended family members, choosing a venue that has a gazebo, pergola or other covered patio area can help to ensure your most memorable events are not interrupted by unpredictable weather conditions, when making plans months in advance.

Musical Performances

There is something special about an outdoor musical performance whether it be heading out to watch your favorite local band or a much more intimate circle of friends gathering in the backyard around a guitar. Whether you are coordinating the event or simply attending for your listening enjoyment, choosing a venue that provides an outdoor structure can make or break the party. Parks with a band shelter or gazebo that can offer shelter from the elements for the musicians can often ensure the show will go on even if the weather turns. Likewise, a backyard patio cover can offer shelter to extend your indoor living space to the outdoors to create an intimate acoustic set on a beautiful starry PNW night.

Dinner Parties

A fabulous dinner under the stars can be a great way to entertain clients, employees or friends. Whether it is a catered event, or a meal prepared for hours in your own kitchen, the last thing one wants to happen is to have their efforts spoiled by a weather event. It’s especially important to choose a venue that can easily accommodate the number of people you plan to entertain and one which is protected. Many pubs, restaurants or golf clubs offer covered patios for these types of events. Of course, it’s worth restating, that a backyard patio cover can offer an intimate setting for all of your entertaining needs.

Happy Hour

Jimmy Buffett is known for saying, “It’s five o’clock somewhere” and a favorite summer pastime among many is celebrating the end of the work day or work week with your favorite beverage. It is becoming increasingly popular for local watering holes to offer an outdoor patio area where its patrons can unwind outdoors. Whether you are headed out to enjoy your favorite local craft brew at a local brewery or your own backyard to tip back a cold one with a neighbor or co-worker, professionally installed patio covers are an essential element for rest and relaxation after a long work day!

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