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Cedar Siding Portland

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Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding Portland

When you want a beautiful home with a natural rustic finish, nothing compares to cedar siding in Portland. At Straight Line Exteriors we specialize in affordably priced new installation, replacement, and repair of cedar siding. This option is incredibly versatile and always fashionable in the Northwest. Homeowners frequently choose it over man-made options for its natural look and strength.

Cedar siding comes in a wide range of styles for Portland homeowners to choose from. Depending on the fit and cut, cedar siding can help any home achieve a timeless look. Cedar is a great option for strong, natural protection. Our in-house design specialists will help you identify what you’re looking for so you can select the best option for your home, business, re-sale, or rental.

What Are The Benefits of Cedar Siding?

  • Cedar Siding PortlandGorgeous Aesthetics – Cedar siding offers a unique and refined option that works with any home. All styles can be customized even further with stains, oils and finishes, and come in traditional red or white varieties.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The need for processing trees varies greatly between species. Cedar siding is made ready for use with minimal processing and treating. This makes it a great option for green siding that is fully renewable. It typically lasts 50 years, and this number can be much higher with regular maintenance and care. That compares very favorably with non-green options.
  • Extremely Durable – We always recommend a protective finish to enhance cedar siding’s natural protection, but it is naturally very resistant before already. That includes resistance to splitting, swelling, and bending. It’s also resistant to rot and moisture, making cedar siding Portland homes’ best natural defense against the elements. The oils in cedar naturally repel termites, and it is resistant to warping and cupping.
  • Energy Savings – Many homeowners don’t know that cedar siding in Portland can reduce energy costs. It has one of the highest natural R-Values of any wood, and provides great insulation. This helps to reduce your home’s need for external heating and cooling. Insulating propertie are beneficial all year, protecting the inside of your home from becoming too dry, hot, cold, or wet.


Cedar Siding Types:


  • Tongue-and-Groove
  • Rustic Vee
  • Clapboard
  • Shiplap
  • Board-and-Batten
  • Dolly Varden
  • Channel Rustic
  • Plywood
  • Bevel


Professional Cedar Siding Installation

It’s important to us that our clients are always informed. That’s why we assign a personal project consultant to every job. They’ll track your siding replacement, repair, or installation at every step. Our home building contractors are always available to answer questions if your project consultant cannot, so you’re never out of touch.

Great communication is just a small piece of the puzzle. Experienced and reliable experts working on your property allows our craftsmanship to truly shine. Strong relationships with local suppliers provide use with the best quality cedar siding at affordable prices. With so many great customer reviews, it’s no wonder we’ve become a local favorite for cedar siding in Portland. When you’re ready for an attentive siding company that puts their all into every job call (503) 406-8583 or contact us today.

We also Specialize in installing HardiePlank Siding and Siding Rot Repair. Call us For all of your siding needs.