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Custom Home Builder – Get the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Custom Home Builder Vancouver WA

  • Get all the luxury you’re looking for in your newly built custom home.
  • Our unique process makes the build affordable for nearly any budget.
  • We are your local custom home building solution in Vancouver, WA.

Building a home isn’t a one-person job. You need the right home construction company to do the job. We are custom home builders, and we build from the ground up. You’re involved in every process you want to be a part of. Whenever you need an update, just call your personal point of contact. They’ll know where we are at every point in the build, answer all your questions, or connect you directly to your foreman. A better custom home starts right here.

Home Additions – Expand your home without buying a new one.

  • Get customized room additions built to your specifications.
  • The cost to add a room is less than you think. Call us for a free estimate.
  • We build large and small house additions. Get the room your house needs.

You need a bigger house. Did you know you already live in it? That extra space just hasn’t been built out yet. Stop home shopping. We can add everything from second-stories to extra-wings, rooms, or bump out existing rooms. If you love your property but need a larger home don’t move just yet. Call us for a free estimate and find out how affordable it can be to get the square footage you need.

Home Design – Get everything you want from your home and a design to match.

  • We can work with existing house plans or start from the ground up.
  • Our architects draft floor plans while our designers work on your interior design.
  • Whether you want classic or a modern house design, we tailor blueprints for you.

Designing your home opens up an entire world of possibilities. We’ll help you hone them into the perfect melding of function and design. Designing your home means you get to pick the materials from the very beginning. Whether you want a rustic, modern, or classic style, we are here to help you attain the home you’ve been dreaming of.

New Home Construction – Your next house can be your forever home.

  • Building a new home has never been easier. We’re with you at every step of the way.
  • As your leading locally owned home construction company we only answer to you.
  • We are home contractors and can construct your home from your foundation to your roof.

There’s nothing better than walking into your newly constructed home for the first time and knowing how much effort went into it. We use the best local materials and carefully vet all of our contracted employees. If we wouldn’t let them work on our home, we won’t allow them to work on yours. That means you get trustworthy plumbing, electrical, insulation and more done correctly and to regulation from the very beginning.

Local Home Builders – We work for you and no one else.

  • Our reputation as one of the area’s best home builders keeps growing.
  • That’s because our home construction includes your own personal point of contact throughout the build process.
  • We can make building a new home on your lot less expensive than buying a new home.

We love our community. Vancouver, WA is our home and that’s why we started a local home building company. We wanted to bring our ideas to life, and help residents and new residents achieve the American dream—a home that’s built for them. You deserve to have the home of your dreams and we can’t wait to build it for you.