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Siding Rot Repair Portland

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Siding Rot Repair

Homeowners in Portland constantly face wet conditions, making wet rot a nasty rainy season visitor. Dry rot is frequently a problem during the summer, attacking siding and hampering your home’s integrity. Don’t worry though. Siding rot repair in Portland from the skilled carpenters and restoration experts at Straight Line Exteriors will have you dry and rot free in no time.

Siding Rot


Wet Rot

Siding Rot Repair Portland
Wet rot is the most widespread rot condition we see in Portland. When wood siding is exposed to moisture for an extended period of time, wet rot develops. Moisture content most often exceeds 30%. This can be caused by clogged or broken gutters, downpipes, plumbing or defective stone pointing. Wood and moisture allows wet rot to grow and thrive. After this fungus germinates it begins to spread, destroying the integrity of wood. Our Siding rot repair in Portland can fix your siding to a like new state and repair any associated damage.

Dry Rot

Siding rot repair is needed even more often in Portland as summers get increasingly hotter earlier in the year. Dry rot requires moisture, but not to the degree wet rot does. This can come from damaged down-pipes, gutters, leaky pipes, or rain water coming off the roof. It often grows out of sight, and causes immense damage. The longer a homeowner waits on siding rot repair in Portland, the great the damage.

Wet Rot Identification

  • Siding has localized, black fungal growth.
  • Siding feels spongy and wet.
  • Wood looks bleached.
  • Siding smells musty and damp.
  • When dry, siding cracks and crumbles.
  • Paint is flaky and damaged.

Wet Rot Identification

  • White/grey silky sheetlike or cottony areas.
  • Dry, brown cube like areas that easily break.
  • Visible grey strands as fungus spreads.
  • Red dust from fungal spores.
  • Siding smells damp and musty.
  • Wood shrinks, cracks, and darkens.


Siding Rot Repair Professionals

Siding Rot Repair Portland
We’ve been providing top notch siding rot repair in Portland since 2001. Providing residents with the best in craftsmanship and materials, all at an affordable price, has always been our driving motivation. Customers agree that we’re a step above our competitors in quality, service, and skill.

That’s why every siding rot repair in Portland begins with a thorough diagnosis. We’ll put our experience, skills, and a variety of state of the art tools to use in order to identify the scope and depth of your rot. Our carpenters are trained in a number of methods used to repair siding rot. Whenever multiple options are present, we’ll discuss them with you before moving ahead. Common methods include epoxy based wood repair, damaged siding removal and patching, as well as complete panel replacements.

Since water damage often accompanies siding repair it can be a motivating factor in how we approach a job. Our technicians will specifically seek out the source of your water damage, because without repairing it the chances of further siding rot repair is almost guaranteed. Though we can address siding on it’s own, we’ll always advise repairs of contributing factors. We have the equipment and skills to repair these, and it ensures water damage does not contribute to rot in the future.

For efficient, affordable, and reliable local siding rot repair in Portland from certified renovation specialists call (503) 406-8583 or Contact Us today.

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