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Siding Rot Repair Vancouver WA

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Siding Rot Repair

With the wet conditions faced by homeowners in Vancouver, WA, wet rot can be of particular concern during the rainy season. Increasingly hot summers mark an increase in dry rot that can attack your siding and hamper the integrity of your home. Don’t fret. Siding rot repair in Vancouver, WA from the expert carpenters and restoration professionals at Straight Line Exteriors is just what you need.

Siding Rot


Wet Rot

Siding Rot Repair Vancouver WA
Wet rot is the more common rot condition we encounter in Vancouver, WA. It develops after wood siding has prolonged exposure to moisture, and it usually affects wood with a moisture content greater than 30%. This is often due to defective stone pointing, gutters, down-pipes or plumbing. Moisture and wood allow for the growth of wet rot. This is a fungus that germinates, spreads, and destroys the integrity of wood. Siding rot repair in Vancouver, WA can fix your siding and associated damages.

Dry Rot

The necessity for siding rot repair in Vancouver, WA is becoming increasingly more prevalent with summers getting hotter. Dry rot needs a certain amount of moisture, but not nearly as much as wet rot, this can come from leaky pipes, damaged down-pipes or gutters, or even just rain water off the roof. It can grow unseen, and cause major damage. The longer you go without siding rot repair in Vancouver, WA, the worse this damage will become.

Wet Rot Identification

  • Black, localized fungal growth on siding.
  • Siding feels wet and spongy.
  • Wood appears bleached.
  • Siding smells damp and musty.
  • When dry, siding crumbles and cracks.
  • Paint is damaged and flaky.

Dry Rot Identification

  • Grey/white cotton or silky sheetlike areas.
  • Brown, dry cube like areas that break easily.
  • Fine grey strands from fungal spreading.
  • Presence of red spore dust.
  • Siding smells musty and damp.
  • Wood darkens, shrinks, and cracks.


Siding Rot Repair Professionals

Siding Rot Repair Vancouver Washington
We’ve been providing residents with siding rot repair in Vancouver, WA since 2001. Our goal has always been to provide repair work with the highest level of craftsmanship and best materials at an affordable price. Customers agree that when it comes to quality, we rise above our competitors.

That’s why before we begin siding rot repair in Vancouver WA, we take thorough stock of the problem. We’ll use a variety of skills, tools, and experience in order to determine the depth and the scope of the rot. Our trained carpenters have a variety of methods they use to repair siding rot, and we’ll discuss options with you whenever they are available. Common methods include removing damaged sections of siding and patching the area, wood repair utilizing epoxy, or complete replacement of specific siding panels.

Since siding repair is often accompanied by water damage, this can be a major concern. We look specifically for water damage in order to determine where it is coming from. Though we always specifically address rotten siding, we’ll always advise repairs of any areas found to be responsible for the water damage. We have the skills and equipment to repair these areas, ensuring water damage will not be a returning problem. If left alone your siding will likely rot again, and the potential for further damage rises significantly.

For affordable, reliable, and efficient local siding rot repair in Vancouver, WA from expert level carpenters call (360) 718-8694 or Contact Us today.

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