The best places for breakfast in Vancouver WA

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Have you visited one of the 3 best places for breakfast in Vancouver, WA?

The best places for breakfast in Vancouver WA

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our siding installations don’t start without it. If you skip it you always end up regretting it. When you don’t feel like cooking, what should you do? Go out for breakfast of course. Vancouver, WA is home to some amazing breakfast spots. They run the gamut from classic to high-cuisine depending on your budget and taste. Before you get in the car and head to Denny’s for an average meal, find out about the 3 best places to have breakfast in Vancouver.

DuckTales Kitchen

If the first thing you thought after you read that name was, “Woo’oo,” you’re certainly old enough to appreciate everything DuckTales has to offer. Think traditional breakfast but done better. Everything on the Menu at DuckTales is a staple comfort food. You’ve got chicken fried steak, eggs benedict, and New York Steak. What makes this restaurant so great is the amount of attention they give to every dish. You can taste the quality, and if you’ve got a special request the only answer you hear is, “I’ll tell the chef.” That make ideal for lovers of almost burnt toast (The best way to have toast.)

Restaurant Highlights
  • You have to try the biscuits! – Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these are the biscuits you’ve been looking for. It may seem like a simple feat, but finding a good biscuit isn’t easy. With a golden outer crust that crisps like a pot-pie and gives way to a flaky doughy center, you’re going to love it.
  • Don’t forget to look at the walls. They are covered in local art. From paintings to sculpture and mixed media, DuckTales showcases works by local artists. If you find one you’ve got to take home, you can. Everything on the walls is for sale and many pieces are reasonably prices.


If you’re in the mood for incredible flavors at a reasonable price, this is the place. Just remember they don’t ever open before 10am, so you’ll never get an early breakfast here. The wait is well worth it though, and the restaurant is nicely decorated. Lapellah might sit in a mall complex, but it bucks the trend of its mediocre exterior once you go inside. The wait staff are especially attentive, making you feel like the most important diner in the room.

Restaurant Highlights
  • Seasonal ingredients and creole flavors. This restaurant has a creole theme flare to it that permeates every dish. You’ll enjoy southern favorites like hush puppies with blueberry and lemon compote. Every dish is made with care and the attention to spice, salt, sweet and savory, really makes an impact.
  • Don’t forget to get a cup of coffee. When coffee comes with free refills it usually tastes weak and like it came from the bottom of the pot. Not here. The coffee is strong, bold, and you won’t say no when a refill comes around.

Joe Brown’s Cafe

This has been a Vancouver staple for decades. It’s like a relative you can rely on to always be there when you need them. Joe Brown’s is down-home, laid-back, and budget friendly. It’s the kind of place you don’t mind wearing yesterdays clothes too, and on a Sunday morning, you shouldn’t be doing anything different. The walls are covered in reviews, news articles, and weird memorabilia making it feel like a comfortable time capsule you won’t want to leave.

Restaurant Highlights
  • The atmosphere will keep you coming back. The vibe at Joe Brown’s is a relaxed one. The wait staff are friendly, the coffee never stops coming, and there’s always a free newspaper. It’s proximity to downtown means you’ll encounter hungry residents from every walk of life.
  • The prices will make you smile. This is not a pretentious restaurant. You get what you pay for, made to order. The food is hot, fresh, and with little fanfare. If you’re looking for something to explode your pallet, you’ll leave disappointed. If you just want great greasy diner food, you’re in for a treat.

Now that you’ve had your fill, consider catching some fish or heading out to one of Vancouver’s best festivals.