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Window Installation Portland

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Window Installation

Now is the perfect time for a new window installation, but they have to be correctly installed. With a new window installation, Portland business and homes can gain a wide array of benefits. The materials and technology used to create windows has evolved over the years. Newer windows provide sound proofing, enhanced UV protection, and much more. At Straight Line Exteriors we specialize in providing professional window installation for a flawless fit, every time.

Get the right window installation for you!

Window Installation Portland
There are many options to choose from, and we assign a personal project consultant to every client. They’ll track your progress and help you to choose the right windows for your property. Whether we’re working on an office complex or installing a single window, they’ll help you from beginning to end. Our window installation company can handle any sized job. Just some of our most frequently installed windows include:

  • Energy Efficient Window Installation – Newer window models are much more energy efficient than older ones. Old windows leech cool air when it’s warm, and cold air when it’s hot. That because the outside of your home is trying to equalize with the inside, and loose or aged windows allow it to do so much more quickly and easily. That causes more stress on your HVAC system. We provide double pane window installation Portland trusts for increased temperature control and a tight fit. These save money and electricity by reducing the need for heating and cooling.
  • Sound Proofed Window Installation – Older buildings that still have single pane windows frequently suffer from poor soundproofing. This allows sound waves to travel further without losing volume, and it works both ways. Outdoor noise from vehicles and neighbors gets in, indoor noise from daily life gets out. Many of our window models come with improved soundproofing, and we can help you find the right solution for your property so you can get a naturally quieter and cozier indoor environment.
  • UV Protected Window Installation – Many building owners have never considered the damage caused by UV rays. Standard windows offer little or no protection. UV damage can do more than harm humans by increasing the risk of skin cancer. It can also bleach and ruin furniture, wall hangings, and other valuable items. With a UV proof window installation, Portland residents stay protected. These windows frequently have a greater surface area as well, safely increasing natural light.


Professional Window Installation

Window Installation Portland OR
With our experienced window installation, Portland gets guaranteed craftsmanship and great value. All of our windows are installed using BEI technology. This allows our installation technicians to form an airtight seal around the enclosure. This is done before the window is inserted and sealed with high quality flashing & rubber. With a perfect fit, our windows are practically impenetrable when closed. We back all of our installed windows with a 7-year craftsmanship warranty. That’s not just a promise, it’s a guarantee.

Professional window installation from the experts you trust.

We’ve been installing windows since opening our doors in 2001. For window installations, Portland depends on us for dedicated customer service and quality. We continue to receive excellent reviews, making your window installation easy. When you want affordability, quality, and guaranteed craftsmanship from a dedicated local company, call (360) 718-8694 or Contact Us today