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Window Installation Vancouver WA

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Window Installation

The right time for a new window installation is now, but they have to be installed correctly. With a new window installation, Vancouver WA homes and businesses can get a wide variety of benefits. The technology and materials used to create windows has changed drastically over the years. Newer windows provide enhanced UV protection, soundproofing, and much more. At Straight Line Exteriors we specialize in providing advanced window installation for the perfect fit, every time.

Get the window installation that’s right for you!

Window Installation Vancouver WaThere are a lot of options to choose from, and we assign a personal project consultant to help you make the right decision for your property. They’ll work with you throughout the completion of your window installation, whether it’s a single window or an entire office building. Our window installation company can handle any job size. Just some of the most popular windows we install include:

  • Energy Efficient Window Installation – Many older windows are not nearly as energy efficient as newer models. These can leech heat when it’s cold and cool air when it’s warm. This constant attempt to equalize with the outdoors forces your HVAC system to work overtime to keep up. Loose frames from seasonal swelling and shrinking can let even more air in. That’s why we offer double pane window installation Vancouver WA, trusts for a tighter fit and better temperature control. These save money on heating and cooling cost.
  • Sound Proofed Window Installation – Weak soundproofing is a major problem in an older building with single pane windows. These allow sound to penetrate further in both directions, making you more likely to disturb and be disturbed by your neighbors and other external factors. Many window models come with soundproofing, and we can help you find the perfect solution for your property and provide a naturally cozier living environment.
  • UV Protected Window Installation – Many property owners don’t even think about the damage UV rays can cause. Standard windows provide little to no protection, and just because you’re indoors it doesn’t mean you’re safe. UV damage isn’t just harmful to humans either. It can damage wall hanging, furniture, and other valuable items over time. With a UV light resistant window installation, Vancouver, WA properties stay protected. These windows often come with larger surface areas, letting in even more natural light.


Professional Window Installation

Window Installation Vancouver Wa
With our professional window installation, Vancouver, WA gets guaranteed quality at an affordable price. We install all of our windows using BEI technology. This creates an air tight seal around the enclosure in addition to the highest quality rubber & flashing. Our windows are perfectly fitted, making them nearly impenetrable when closed. Every one of our windows is backed by a 7-year craftsmanship warranty. We don’t just believe in the quality of our work, we back it up.

Professional window installation from the experts you trust.

We’ve been providing window installations since we first opened our doors in 2001. Vancouver, WA has come to trust us for our quality and dedicated customer service. With so many great reviews, we make window installation easy. When you want quality, affordability, and guaranteed work from one dedicated company, call (360) 718-8694 or Contact Us today.

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