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Window Replacement Portland

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Window Replacement

Windows Replacement Portland
Windows are easy to look past, but just like your roofing and siding, they wear over time. Frames can shrink and swell, and as glass slowly sinks your windows can become textured and unclear. Old windows let in outside noise, create drafts, and reduce the available light. A window replacement in Portland from Straight Line Exteriors can fix these and other window problems.

You want a local company with experience, one with a history of exceptional workmanship to install your replacement windows in Portland. Our skilled carpenters and technicians can perfectly match your homes aesthetics. Option include a single window replacement or multiple window replacements that extend to your entire structure. Using only high quality window replacements Portland, there are some amazing benefits to getting your windows replaced.

Benefits of Window Replacement Portland

Windows Replacement Portland
A window replacement Portland provides incredible benefits including:

  • Energy Efficient Replacement Windows – Older windows aren’t energy efficient. Even if they were designed with efficiency in mind, standards have changed drastically. Older models were designed to provide greater air flow. They may also have become loose in their frames. Seasonal change cause wood to swell and shrink as it gets damp and dries. This causes loose fitting windows and decreases your ability to maintain a correct temperature. Our double pane replacement window options are incredibly efficient. They’re tight fitting and actually made to retain heat. You stay warmer, your heating bill goes down, and your new windows look great.
  • Sound Control Window Installation – Single pane and older window options can have very weak soundproofing. Many older houses were built long before neighbors were crowded in and car stereos were common. With a professionally installed window replacement in Portland option geared toward sound reduction, you get a quieter house. Less outside noise means less inside noise. You can hear better, be louder, and enjoy a cozy and personal environment.
  • UV Protected Window Replacement Options – You may not be even be aware of it, but UV light can do long term damage to your property. It fades furniture, damages fabrics and bleaches wall hangings. With UV proof windows in Portland you get a larger glass surface for more light, with added UV protection that maintains the condition of your valuables.

A window replacement in Portland also offers increased security over many older models, and are easier to maintain as well. When you’re ready for professionally installed window replacements by a team of experts, we’re ready to deliver. Call (503) 406-8583 or contact us to replace your windows today.

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Portland is a thriving city with some beautiful architecture. Activity highlights include the Oregon Zoo. With an incredible number of animals to view from every possible environment, it’s a fantastic place to spend the afternoon.

Those looking a little more cultural shouldn’t miss out on the Portland Art Museum. With exhibits and paintings spanning everything from modern art to renaissance classics, Portland art lovers will find a lot to hold their interest.